Region 15 Service Award

Congratulations to Rebecca Board, recipient of the Region 15 Service Award for 2015.

The late Region 15 member Mildred Goble once told me that she read the Hem-alina the day it arrived in the mail. I doubt that most of us act that quickly and when we do read our regional newsletter we probably give little thought to the work that goes into producing this award winning publication. Yes, some members contribute articles or photos but the key to any publication is the editor. Region 15 is fortunate to have Rebecca Board. Rebecca contributes countless hours to our region and deserves to be honored by receiving the Region 15 Service Award.
Not only does Rebecca put the gig saw pieces together to make the Hem-alina flow smoothly and to ensure that space is used economically, but she also contributes by taking many of the beautiful color photos that grace these pages.
Rebecca has just recently completed a six-year stint as AHS Director for Region 15. In that position she served as Pop Poll Chair and Registration Chair and is still serving as a Special Chair for Technology. Technology is her expertise and she shares it with Region 15 by hosting our website and by using her skills in laying out our newsletter.
In addition, Rebecca is an exhibition judge instructor and a garden judge instructor. She is always willing to help train those who want to serve by becoming judges.
Some may not know it, but Rebecca is also a hybridizer with a number of eye-catching cultivars including MISSING ANNE (’04), MOCKINGBIRD TRAIL (’03), and TALIA (’02) to mention a few.
She has served the region as RVP (now RP) and has served the Raleigh Daylily Society as President. She has been honored at the national level with the Region 15 Service Award but now it is time that she is recognized by her peers on her own Region 15 turf. She deserves the 2016 Region 15 Service Award.

Submitted by Mitchell Hagler