Congratulations to Anne Winningham for receiving the AHS Regional Service Award for 2015

Congratulations goes out to Anne Winningham,
Recipient of the Region 15 AHS Regional Service Award for 2015.

During her years of service, Anne Winningham has served as co-chair of one summer meeting and co-chair for two fall meetings. In addition to co-chairing the summer meeting, her garden, with about fifteen hundred registered daylilies, was also on tour. She is a garden judge, as well as an exhibition judge. She has served her local club by holding just about all the offices several times, and is currently the club president again. She is also the club Webmaster, keeping us up to date on what is going on.

To spread the word about daylilies, she has often given a presentation that she calls Daylily 101 to Garden Clubs in the Tri-County area. To further that interest, she donates daylilies to each person in attendance. She also has held daylily classes at The Carolina Yard sale. She always helps with the club plant sales, and daylily shows.

She has served as the Regional Awards Chair for the last eight years. As part of this support of the region, she coordinates various annual regional activities, including the annual photo contest, regional award nominations, the regional hybridizer award, and the annual regional seedling bed competition that is part of the summer regional meetings.

Since she started her daylily journey, she has attended every fall and summer regional but one. (She was called in to work or she would have attended that one.) She has also attended several National Meetings, and has served as a bus captain several times. I feel like she is a good ambassador for the Daylily Society and as we all know, Anne Winningham can talkā€¦. about Daylilies that is.