The Herman Pruitt Mentoring Award

Herman Pruitt Mentoring Award winners...

In 2014, there were no nominations for this award, so not awarded in 2014...

  • Roger Mercer was the first recipient of the Herman Pruitt Mentoring Award in 2011...

Ken Cobb (2015)
There were no nominees for this award in 2014
Jim & Peggy Jeffcoat (2013)
Linda Sue Barnes (2012)
Roger Mercer (2011)

The Herman Pruitt Mentoring Award (with Emphasis on Youth)
This award will be to honor the memory of Herman Pruitt for his mentoring efforts in Region 15. Herman had a passion for daylilies and generously shared that enthusiasm with others.
The award will be by nomination letter and is open to any Region 15 member who has made outstanding efforts in mentoring others in daylilies. This may include mentoring new hybridizers, mentoring youth, or mentoring a local daylily club.
Nominations should be submitted to the Awards Committee Chairman by September 1 each year. Nominations will then be reviewed by the Region 15 Board and the president of the Central Daylily Club before the annual fall meeting.
Serving board members and the president of the Central Daylily Club are not eligible.
If the Region 15 Board, and the Central Daylily Club president, determines that one of the nominated individuals has mirrored the paradigm of mentoring that Herman Pruitt exemplified during his lifetime, it will grant the award.
An engraved acrylic award will be presented by a representative of the Central Daylily Club at the following Fall Business Meeting.
The members of the Central Daylily Club have donated funds to support the award for five years.

(NOTE) The Central Daylily Club disolutioned this year, 2015. During the Fall 2015 meeting the region and a Central Club representative will determine how this award will be maintained and sponsored going forward.