Rules for the Carolina Seedling Award Competition

The Region 15 seedling bed competition was established about 1977 with the winner receiving the Alma Webb Coe award, sponsored by the Allgood family – John, Ruth, and his parents. It is now sponsored by the Western NC Daylily Club as the Carolina Seedling Award. Unfortunately, a copy of the original rules published at that time have not been uncovered. Thus, at the Region 15 Fall business meeting, the following rules presented by the Awards Management Committee were approved in an attempt to reconstruct and establish a comprehensive policy and procedure based upon our traditions as well as the best practices of other regions holding such competitions. The rules for the award are as follows:

The contest is open to all AHS members of AHS Region 15. Award recipients remain eligible in successive years.
As soon as practicable, the host club for the regional tour will provide prospective entrants notice through the Region 15 newsletter of: 1) the name and shipping address of the host garden; 2) when the garden will begin accepting entries; 3) and how many entries per hybridizer may be exhibited.
Entries will be accepted no earlier than two years prior to the tour date, and no later than the fall meeting of the year preceding the tour. The hybridizer is responsible for getting his/her entries to the garden host.
The hybridizer may enter up to five (5) seedlings, unless space is limited in which case entries may be restricted to three (3) per entrant at the request of the garden host.
Entries may consist of no more than three fans each at time of submittal.
All entries shall be located in one bed which is identified with appropriate signage. If at all possible, the bed shall not be shared with named cultivars, or there must at least be a clear delineation to avoid any possibility of confusion. The bed shall be situated both for suitable viewing and to ensure growing conditions which are as equal as possible for all entries. The regional meeting chair shall be responsible to assure that the bed is maintained according to acceptable horticultural practices.
Each seedling will be clearly identified with a unique number assigned by the garden host and known only by the garden host and the chair of the Awards Management Committee prior to the winner being announced.
At the time of the regional tour, an eligible seedling must be unregistered and have been hybridized by a current member of AHS Region 15.
Should a plant die, upon notification by the garden host a replacement of no more than three fans is allowed, if provided within the original time window as stated in rule 3.
Each registered attendee for the garden tour, AHS member or not, will receive a ballot to choose the seedling they believe exhibits best overall bloom and plant habit. Ballots will be distributed and collected by bus captains at the end of the tour, or optionally a sealed ballot box may be provided in the host garden. In either case, the ballots or box shall be promptly turned over to the chair of the Awards Management Committee upon conclusion of the tour.
Ballots will be counted by members of the Awards Management Committee and remain secret until the time of announcement.
As a matter of ethical conduct:

a) before the balloting is complete, a hybridizer shall not identify that a seedling is his/hers or that he/she even has a seedling in the competition. Anyone else who can identify a seedling's hybridizer, however innocently, e.g., having seen it in the hybridizer's garden or in a slide show, must not discuss this knowledge with others.

b) the garden host shall not enter the competition as that could give an impression of favoritism in horticultural practices or entry placement should his/her entry win;

c) the garden host shall not use the pollen or set pods on the guest seedlings;

d) a seedling not in bloom on tour day may be re-submitted in a future competition.

The Awards Management Committee chair or a designated sponsor shall present an appropriate award to the winner at the regional award banquet. In the event of ties, duplicate awards will be made.
The hybridizer will designate the final disposition of his/her plant(s), including a request that it/they be destroyed. If any portion is to be returned, he/she shall arrange pickup or pay the garden host's shipping fees. Any plant(s) remaining with the garden host may be kept or disposed of as the host sees fit.
All questions regarding interpretation of these rules shall be resolved by the Awards Management Committee.

If you have questions regarding these rules contact Anne Winningham - Anne Winningham (R15 Awards Chair)