Photography Contest

Carolina Digital Photography Contest

The Carolina Digital Photography Contest was approved at the 2007 Region 15 Fall Business Meeting for the purpose of developing a library of regional images for use in Region 15 publications. Contest guidelines were amended in 2012 and again in 2015. Information printed below supersedes previous publications.


  1. Images of Region 15 daylilies - (may be single blooms, multiple blooms, or clumps registered by Region 15 hybridizers.) Companion plants, garden art, etc. may be included in the background, but the dominant image must be a daylily registered by a Region 15 hybridizer.
  2. Images of Region 15 members - Preferably candid shots of members engaged in daylily activities.
  3. Landscapes featuring Region 15 gardens. - A significant part of the landscape must include daylilies.
  4. Artistic Shots — May include close-ups of flowers, garden vignettes, insects, birds, etc. Photos featuring daylilies, a part of a daylily, or a daylily motif will have preference over images without any part of a daylily if the photos are otherwise equal in quality.
  5. Youth Contest - (all of above categories)


  1. Contestants must be AHS members of Region 15. Eligible youth contestants shall include all ages up to those who turn eighteen during the calendar year preceding the due date.
  2. Images are due to the Carolina Digital Photography Contest Coordinator by December 31 each year. They may be sent by e-mail or on CD or DVD. Entries must also clearly identify the contestant’s name, address, phone number and e-mail address (if available).
  3. Entries are limited to 10 images per category per person.
  4. Images must come with permission to use and re-use by AHS Region 15 and AHS. PDF permission form can be downloaded from the AHS website.
  5. Images must have a high enough resolution to provide good print quality: Images that are 4 x 6 inches (the standard print format setting for most cameras) at 300ppi (pixels per inch) are typically a good size. In terms of megabytes, 2-4 MB (when closed) is preferred for the contest. If a winning image is used for the cover of the newsletter, the photographer may be asked to send a larger version.
  6. Image naming must be sufficient to identify photo content:
    • for pictures of Region 15 daylilies, identify the name of the cultivar and its hybridizer;
    • for pictures of Region 15 members, identify the person(s) in the photo and where the photo was taken;
    • for Region 15 landscape photos, identify the featured garden by name and/or owner;
    • for artistic shots, use creative titles or, depending on the content, use any of the suggestions listed above.
    (Identifying information may be included in e-mails with attached photos or it can be included in a separate written document so long as it sufficiently correlates with the images submitted.)


  7. Any registered Region 15 cultivar, no matter the date of registration, is eligible. There is also no restriction on the age of images in any category, i.e., when they were taken.
  8. Images submitted for one contest are ineligible in subsequent years, since the goal is to build a unique regional image library.
  9. Cropping or editing of digital images is permissible to remove blemishes and improve composition. The quality of any editing will be part of the judges’ evaluation. All other points being equal, an image in any category with no extraneous or distracting items such as plant markers, dead or diseased foliage, spent blooms, trash cans, etc. will rate higher than one that does.
  10. A panel of three (3) judges : RP (or RP’s designated assistant), Hemalina Editor (or Editor’s designee), Awards Management Chair (or appointed designee) will evaluate images based on clarity, accuracy of color, and composition. Judges or their family members are not eligible to compete, but they may supply images to the regional library.
  11. First, Second, and Third Place winners in each photo contest category will be announced at the Summer Regional Meeting; First Place winners in each category will receive recognition certificates, and their winning photos will be published in the Hemalina. Honorable Mentions may be given at the discretion of the judges.

Hints for Improving Photos:
1. Make sure your camera is set to large file format.
1. Remember that early morning light or overcast days provide the best lighting.
2. Think about photo composition before you take the shot. Remember the “rule of thirds.”
3. If photographing in your own garden, remove spent flowers, dead foliage, plant markers and any other distractions that appear in your view finder. Never do this in someone else’s garden. Just work around detractions: shoot from a different angle or do close-ups.
4. Avoid scenes with heavy shade in one part of the garden and bright sunlight in another.
5. Watch for hats that shade the faces of people.

For information on the Contest rules, go to

Entries should be emailed to or if you send a flash drive or disk by surface mail, to Rebecca Board, 3 Hopwell Drive, Durham, NC. 27705.

The AHS has made a few changes to the rules for photography and video award submissions for the AHS photography contest.

  • Entries are due by November 1st.
  • Only 5 submissions per person per category
  • Each image may only be submitted in one
  • Borders and text may not be added to the

For the complete rules, please visit the following AHS website page