Service Awards

Region 15 "Service Award"

The Region 15 Service Award was known as the Willard Gardner Service Award until the summer 2004 business meeting when the region voted to approve the Awards Committee recommendations as described the the Spring 2004 Hem-alina. Among other things, this decision made the names of the various regional awards available for sponsorship and naming by region 15 members and clubs. The description of what this award is given for or how it is selected have not changed.[Contact the Chair of the Awards Management committee if you or your club are interested in sponsoring a regional award.]

The Region 15 Willard Gardner Service Award can be awarded purely for service to the AHS mission in one's local community along, although service elsewhere within the region certainly adds extra weight to the nomination. Generally, it should require a variety of activities, and it should reflect service over a period of time, not just for one or two years. No award should be given or expected as a "thank-you" purely for holding an office. One's leadership and impact are more important than simply holding office." These sage comments are part of an excellent article on "Awards for Service to AHS and Region 15" that Linda Sue Barnes published in The Hem-alina, Vol33, Summer 2002 on pages 20-21.

Any Region 15 members may nominate an individual(or a married couple who work together) that he or she deems worthy. The RP, RPD, Sec/Treasurer, and two past winners of this award. Committee members are not eligible, nor are previous recipients. The award is presented at the fall meeting, so please consider making your nomination soon. A cover letter, typed or hand-written, listing the reasons for your nomination, should be mailed to the RVP by September 1.

Recipients of the Region 15 Service Award...

Nancy Womack (2014)
Heidi Douglas (2013)
Ann Cobb (2012)
Cindy Dye (2011)
Ed Zahler (2010)
Curtis Barnes (2009)
Ray and Wanda Quinn (2008)
Mildred Hood (2007)
Herman Pruitt (2006)
Charles Douglas (2005)
Becky Adams
Don Albers
Linda Sue Barnes
Likie "Reggie" Register
Van Sellers
Harvey and Edith Horne
Bill Green
Mildred Goble
Jim and Peggy Jeffcoat
Mary Alexander
Ken Cobb
Stephen Baldwin

AHS Regional Service Award...

In addition to the award which Region 15 grants to one of its own members, there are also Regional Service Awards given by the American Hemerocallis Society national organization for service to one's own region. Nominations for this award must be sent to the AHS Awards and Honors Chair by September 1st of each year for consideration at the fall board meeting. Winners are announced at the following summer national convention. Several Region 15 members have received these awards. Your nominations are needed for other worthy individuals to be recognized, (The current RP and Board Representative are not eligible).

Recipients of the AHS Regional Service Award for Region 15...

Anne Winningham (2014)
Ann Cobb (2013)
Raymond & Wanda Quinn (2012)
Paul Owen (2011)
Curtis & Linda Sue Barnes (2010)
No One (2009)
Becky Hinshaw (2008)
Rebecca Board (2007)
Kay Arnold (2006)
Peggy & Jim Jeffcoat (2004)
Bill Watson (1997)
Likie A. Register (1994)
Cheryl Postlewait (1991)
Ken Cobb (1990)
Harold Kirk (1987)
Harvey Horne (1985)
Charlotte Holman (1982)
Jim Cooper (1981)
Kate Carpenter (1978)
Van Sellers (1976)
John M. Allgood (1975)