Region 15 Hall of Fame

Compiled by Ken Cobb

In 1966, under the leadership of RVP Harvey Horne, the RVP Cup was established to recognize the best clump of a Hemerocallis cultivar seen on a regional tour. This emulated the President's Cup which is awarded in a like manner at national conventions. Initially, the competition was open to all hybridizers. However, after the second award went to a MacMillan cultivar, the rule was changed to “Region 15 hybridizers only.” That is why, even to this day, you see all those flags or ribbons associated with various daylily clumps in tour gardens. They are there to identify our hybridizers and qualifying cultivars. Because the region also has a small/mini award, many think that the RVP award is only for large flowers. This is incorrect! The award is for any flower size or form. Originally the award went just to the hybridizer. Now, both the garden owner who grows/displays it and the hybridizer receive an award.

In 1971, the regional officers first discussed a Hall of Fame after H. 'Mildred Evans' almost won again in 1970, having done so in 1969. It was felt that a daylily should win only once and that a published Hall of Fame would assist in assuring that. The first Hall of Fame was published in the Hem-alina in 1973 (Vol. 4, issue 2). It does not seem that the Hall of Fame was published again until the special Silver Anniversary Calendar of 1985. At times the list has been published in regional meeting booklets or handouts, but this is thought to be the first official list which includes the date, cultivar name, and the hybridizer name.

Ballots for a cultivar on this list may not win again. It is suggested that host clubs provide the list to tour visitors. Only those who tour all gardens are eligible to vote. Thus, garden helpers or owners who do not visit all gardens on tour day may not vote. The Awards Management Committee will verify that the top vote-getter has not previously won and is a validly registered cultivar. Should the hybridizer be deceased, no attempt will be made to present the award to heirs or the estate.

The Awards Management Committee will maintain the Hall of Fame list from this point forward. The current list follows:

1966 'Rozavel' (Lambert)
1967 'William Munson Jr.' (MacMillan) *
1968 'Yellow Jewel' (Hodges)
1969 'Mildred Evans' (Blakely)
1970 'Gary Bee' (Helms)
1971 'Keithie' (Garren)
1972 'Shadyside' (Lambert)
1973 'Columbia Gem' (Boulware)
1974 'Iron Gate Glacier' (Sellers)
1975 'Shadowmoss' (Kirk)
1976 -- N.A. **
1977 'Butterpat' (Kennedy)
1978 'Pat Holman' (Holman)
1979 'Boyd Horton' (Blakely)
1980 'Puddin' (Kennedy)
1981 'Cameron Quantz' (Holman)
1982 'Sally Jetton' (Alexander)
1983 'Harry Kirk' (Kirk)
1984 'Bob Kennedy' (Holman)
1985 'Bond of Friendship' (Elliott)
'Fiery Messenger' (Elliott) (tie)
1986 'My Approval' (Sellers)
1987 'New Series' (Carpenter)
1988 'Mabel Nolen' (Nolen)
1989 'Kay Hodge' (Lambert)
1990 'Unique Style' (Carpenter)
1991 'Pink Monday' (Sellers)
1992 'Alexandriana' (Alexander)
1993 'John Fields' (Zahler)
1994 'Flaming Frolic' (Jernigan)
1995 'Dash Dash' (Zahler)
1996 'Harley Rushing' (Rushing)
1997 'All American Chief' (Sellers)
1998 'Frozen Jade' (Sellers)
1999 'Rosy Scenario' (Weston)
2000 'Strawberry Patch' (Douglas)
2001 'Ferol' (Jeffcoat, J.)
2002 'Carolina Sunrise' (Douglas)
2003 -- N.A. **
2004 'Pick of the Litter' (Douglas)
'Circle of Friends' (Shooter, F) (Tie)
2005 'Fair to Middlin' (Jeffcoat, J.)
2006 'Devine Secrets' (Douglas)
2007 'Shrimp and Grits' (Boatwright)
2008 'Mister Butters' (Davisson)
2009 'Fancy This' (Jeffcoat, J.)
2010 'Icy' (Shooter-E.)
2011 'Cameron's Charisma' (Santa Lucia)
2012 'Cherryville' (Santa Lucia)
2013 'Catawampus' (Jeffcoat)
2014 -- N.A. **
2015 'Summer Star' (Santa Lucia)

* non-Region 15 hybridizer
** N.A. = Not Awarded. The national convention's President's Cup was given in lieu of the RVP award.