Region 15 Service Award

Congratulations to Nancy Womack, recipient of the Region 15 Service Award for 2014.

Volunteers are not paid -- not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless. This depicts our nominee for the 2014 AHS Region 15 Service Award, Dr. Nancy Womack.

Nancy is a charter member of the Foothills Daylily Society (FDS) and has served in many capacities to promote the AHS organization at the local, regional and national level. She is an educator, musician, promoter, poet, gardener and volunteer. In all these activities, she has been able to weave her love for daylilies into her every day activities.
At the local club level, Nancy has been a continuing thread of support. From its inception she has leads this young club by example. From 2009-2013, she served as Club President. She used this opportunity to grow the club and expand our interest at the AHS regional and national level. She did this by providing learning opportunities through club agendas, field trips, and encouraging participation in regional and national meetings and activities.
During her tenure as Club President:

  • She coordinated with two other clubs, a joint meeting featuring Dan Trimmer as guest speaker and a fundraiser auction in support of the upcoming 2014 Asheville AHS National Conference.
  • Her ‘can do’ attitude convinced the Foothills Club members to host the Fall Region 15 Meeting. She then chaired the Organization Committee for this successful meeting, a first time effort for the Foothills Club.
  • She also encouraged our club to be more actively involved in Regional events and encouraged our decision to sponsor the Region 15 Annual Seedling Award.
  • She established a Daylily Display Garden showcasing Region 15 Hybridizers which is part of the Rutherford County Master Gardeners demonstration garden. As a result of this display garden, many Master Gardener Volunteers, as well as, the general public have become interested and incorporated daylilies into their garden landscapes.
  • Nancy has made numerous presentations to Master Gardeners, Garden Clubs and Civic Groups in the area to promote AHS recruit Club Members and provide educational training about growing daylilies.
  • She has generated excellent publicity for our club by writing articles for local newspaper editor and radio/TV producers. She chaired the Publicity Committee the Foothill Club’s first Exhibition Show. Her news releases prior to and following the event, provided excellent publicity for the show and the FDS Club.

Nancy has led by example, encouraging members to become certified AHS judges. She is an AHS accredited Garden Judge and is well on her way to becoming an Exhibition Judge. In preparation for the 2014 National AHS conference in Asheville, Nancy assumed the daunting task of Conference Registrar. She made this a club effort, including members in tasks ranging from proofing registration lists, stuffing registration packets and working the registration areas at the conference. And if that wasn’t enough, she suggested that FDS organize an off-scape People’s Choice contest on registration day at the conference. It was another successful event for the Conference.

Nancy’s life isn’t only daylilies. As a former Dean at the Isothermal Community College, she continues to volunteer with the College and Foundation as an advisor and fund raiser. She is a former Director of Rutherford County’s Youth Empowerment Program, which provides interventions for at risk youth, after school programs for personal growth, and summer programs that provide healthy recreational activities and service learning opportunities. Nancy is an accomplished musician, playing viola with the Rutherford County Symphony. In all these events, she frequently opens her home for fundraisers, concerts or just plain good fun, inviting a cross section of attendees mixing gardeners, educators, musicians and community leaders to share their passion for their work and volunteerism. She is also an active Master Gardener Volunteer (MGV), having chaired the Spring Garden Training Program the past two years, and served on various MGV committees, always finding a way to incorporate daylilies into the agenda.

Dr. Nancy Womack is our Ambassador for Daylilies. This can best be summed up with the daylily hybridized for her called “To Nancy With Love” Owen-P, hybridized 2012. Her contributions and accomplishments make her a worthy recipient of the 2014 Region 15 Service Award.

Congratulations to Ann Cobb for receiving the AHS Regional Service Award for 2014

Congratulations goes out to Ann Cobb.
Recipient of the Region 15 AHS Regional Service Award for 2014.

Ann has been supporting her local club as well as Region 15 for over three decades. At the local level, she has served as club Treasurer as well as President. During the club's annual shows, Ann has served in many areas, including Show Co-chair, chair of Classification, Tabulation, Clerks, Publicity, Awards, and Placement – often taking on multiple positions each year. She was instrumental in guiding her home club, as well as other clubs in the region, through the often confusing process of registering as non-profits with the IRS. During each Regional meeting hosted by the Raleigh Club since 1985, Ann has been a key part of the planning and hosting those who attended. In addition to the many ways she has served the region and its members, Ann has also shared many of our region events through her photography in the annual photo contests, as well as many photo contributions to The Hem-alina. Ann, from all of us in the region, we thank you.

2014 Carolina Digital Photo Contest

Message to all AHS Region 15 Members...

The entry deadline for the 2014 Carolina Digital Photo Contest is December 31, 2014.

With the National in our region this year, the beautiful gardens on two days of garden tours has given us a special opportunity for some really good photo opportunities. Please take the time to prepare and enter some of your photo's in each of these categories.

The categories for the Photo Contest are:

  1. Region 15 Flower -single or multiple blooms, registered by Region 15 hybridizers
  2. Artistic- include extreme close-ups of flowers, garden vignettes, insects, birds, etc.;
  3. Region 15 Landscape; and
  4. Region 15 people.

The same categories also apply for Youth Members. Lets make this the first year for Youth participation in the Photo Contest.

For information on the Contest rules, go to

Entries should be emailed to or if you send a flash drive or disk by surface mail, to Rebecca Board, 3 Hopwell Drive, Durham, NC. 27705.

2015 National Convention

Skarlette my deea the National Convention next yeea will be down heea in our sweet Atlanta. Ya betta sign up quick cause everybody is a comin.

The two clubs in the Atlanta area are teaming up to host the 2015 AHS National Convention. It is scheduled for June 10-14, 2015.

The preview they shared with those that attended this year's national in Asheville confirmed this will be another great Convention that you do not want to miss. They plan to cap their registration number at 650. If Asheville this year was an indication, you need to sign up quickly so to be sure you get in. The information and Convention registration forms can be found on the AHS site now.

On Thursday of the convention, they are also offering a day trip to the Atlanta Arboretum, which will be a great addition to what is sure to be an outstanding Convention.


Convention Web Site